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Vision Therapy Consultation

childrens eye exam Indianapolis INDr. Judson completes a vision therapy consultation at no charge to the patient to assess if there are visual difficulties causing the symptoms they are experiencing. 

Dr. Judson's evaluation begins with a very detailed questionnaire that can be completed prior to your visit on line, or mailed or dropped off at our office prior to your visit.  Any additional information (school performance testing, prior eye examination records, therapy reports) are extremely helpful for her to review before your visit.  The initial consultation with Dr. Judson will last approximately 45 minutes.  Some testing will be familiar, such as reading an eye chart and being checked for a glasses prescription.  Some testing will be more specialized, including testing accommodative ability (focusing), convergence ability, tracking skills, as well as eye teaming.  The purpose of this testing is to determine if visual information is being acquired comfortably, clearly, accurately, and efficiently.  This requires the two eyes to be able to focus correctly, align so that you do not see double vision, and both eyes are  tracking efficiently.  This testing determines if there is a disorder affecting how the muscles and nerves in the eye are functioning to recieve visual information.

If from the provided history as well as data gathered from the consultation indicate that there are visual difficulties that can be treated with vision therapy, Dr. Judson will discuss the further testing that is needed as well as fees and insurance reimbursement.