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Vision Therapy Follow-Ups

children follow up vision therapy with eye doctor clinton inEvery 9 weeks, the therapists will retest the areas that the patient had difficulty.  Dr. Judson will then see the patient for a follow-up approximately a week after the progress exam to retest a few additional areas and review the results fo the progress exam with the patient/parents. 

At these follow-ups, Dr. Judson will also advise if the patient is on track to be done in the estimated number of sessions.  In addition, once the therapy program is completed, the Dr. Judson will see the patient approximately one month after graduation from the program to ensure new visual skills have remained automatic and results will be maintained long-term. 

Although many of our patients have spent several years receiving occupational or speech therapy, the average length of time to improve mild vision problems is 9 months and severe eye problems (amblyopia, strabismus) is 12-18 months.